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Repair Shops are everywhere…in the back of your pick-up truck, man cave, garage, shops, and even the middle of your living room…repair happens everywhere!  Whether you work at an automotive or diesel repair shop, in parts and service departments at dealerships, or at fleet garages…we have you covered for any project you are involved with while we help keep your shops stocked full of tools, equipment, and supplies.

Metal Wall Art with Merchandise

We love turning vehicles into custom Metal Wall Art...seeing 1000's of different masterpieces hanging in garages/repair shops/dealerships we created our own unique process converting your racecar into a work of metal art! This is an amazing way to commemorate your love for your vehicle!  We then take your EYE-CATCHING design and upload it on 25 merchandise items to show the world your amazing vehicle!


We also strive in keeping you and your team looking professional…we offer a full-line of workwear shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies/long-sleeves to keep your image sharp with style and comfort.  Looking professional and keeping a clean shop is key to having repeat business… and let’s face it we basically live in these places.  We pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for all your Repair Shop essentials.